Solar Street Lights

Power LED for high brightness and low power consumption. Auto dusk to dawn function. Suitable for all areas, Works independently. Green Energy, No pollution , Eco Friendly. Weather proof luminaries and battery box with locking provision

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Solar Water Pumps

Speed Control Operation. Most cost effective system for pumping. Suitable for agriculture and irrigations. Float switch options. Pressure controlled operations. Single Axis tracking option.

Solar Inverters

Sun Oriented Is A Ground-breaking Cross Breed Inverter With 40 Amp Inbuilt Charge Controller. .a Sun Oriented Inverter, Is A Kind Of Electrical Converter Which Changes Over The Variable Direct Flow (dc) Yield Of A Photovoltaic Sun Based Board Into An Utility Recurrence Exchanging Flow That Can Be Taken Care Of Into A Business Electrical Lattice.

Solar Water Heaters

Green Energy, No Pollution, Eco-Friendly. Design to perform in all seasons and all regions. Compact puff injection technique for better heat reiteration, Maintenance free, Zero running cost. Pressurized and heat exchange models also available. SS 316 Grade hot water storage tank

On-grid Systems

Low Maintenance, Suitable For All Electrical Loads. High Performance Ratio. Net Metering Facility. Excess Power Can Export To Grid

Off-grid Systems

Low Maintenance. Suitable For All Electrical Loads. Uninterrupted Power Supply. Renewable Energy. No Pollution. Suitable For All Location

Solar Pv Module

Green Energy, No Pollution, Eco Friendly. High Module Conversion Efficiency. Positive Tolerance.excellent Weak Light Performance.reliable, Glass With Anti Reflecting Coating. Mono Crystalline And Multi Crystalline Are Available


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